Welcome to Pixel Park!

Pixel Park is a next generation virtual environment where users can hang out with buddies, meet new friends, collect virtual items, and compete with users around the globe for rankings. Pixel Park puts a strong emphasis on a futuristic environment where users float around on virtual hover boards, and collect coins to purchase in game virtual items to dress up their avatar with! This next generation virtual world is built on the foundation of creating a world class experience, along with providing users with a safe environment to interact with others. Click Learn More to find out more information about some of the next generation features that Pixel Park has to offer.

The future, is now.

Our donation portal is now live! Your contribution to our further development is essential in allowing us to add more cool features! Every little bit helps, and if you can't donate yourself, make sure to tell your friends! If we can't hit our goal, we will not be able to continue developing. If you have questions about donating, please reach out to [email protected].

Let's make gaming cool again.

We need your help. You make a difference. Your input to us is as valuable as our own. When you think your voice is not being heard, we have a problem. Dedicating our time to listen, review, and hear your thoughts is part of the job. Please reach out to us to express thoughts, concerns, or ideas.