On Your Marks…

Hi everyone,

The day is finally almost here! After several years of development, we are steps away from unveiling a new revolutionary multiplayer experience. From what started as an idea, to now being something that users can finally get their hands on, we have come a long way. I have A LOT of information to finally share:

Traditionally, games like to have what they call ‘closed beta‘ and make users pay to access a game that is still in the testing phase. To eliminate as many bugs as possible, and collect feedback from as many users as possible, we have decided to allow EVERY users to participate in our open beta experience!

Now to get to the part that you all have been waiting for… the launch date.

Pixel Park will open to the public on Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 PM EST! What does this mean? Registration and the world will become available at this time. Some services will not be activated until further notice, such as Membership/Stars purchases, Chat Modes, and Offline Mode.

It is important to note that because we have opted to select an open beta model, that donations are incredibly important to continue our development. If we can’t meet our donation goal, we can’t continue to develop our game. A donation portal will open after Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 PM EST to assist you in donating towards the development of our game. As a token of our gratitude, we will offer incentives for different donation amounts. Incentives include but are not limited to: different levels of Coins, different levels of Stars, different membership packages, and of course… rare items. (I dare you to be the top donor, just saying…) There will be more information on donating as we move closer to our launch date.

With this being just the beta stage of development, please be aware of instability and performance issues during this time. A lot of features will break, have issues, or cause unexpected behavior within the world. The servers will probably be responding slow around launch time, so it is advised that you remain patient. Refreshing your browser and logging back in will often fix these issues. In as much detail as possible, you are invited to provide this feedback to [email protected] so that we can address the issue.

Here is an UPDATED list of features that users can test on launch day:

  • Account validation through an active email address
  • Account 4 digit pin code security features
  • Multiple server selection options
  • Avatar movement
  • Different room options
  • Password and 4 digit pin code modification tools
  • Room chat features

Here is an UPDATED list of features that are coming SOON:

  • Player card features
  • Buddy list features
  • Ignoring, and reporting other user features
  • Inventory features
  • Shopping catalogs with items to choose from and add to your inventory
  • Private chat with buddies features

If you want to see more features, we have to hit our donation goal! It is extremely important!

That’s all I have for now! Check back later for more updates and I look forward to seeing you around!

Catch ya later,