Launch Day Information

Hello all,

Boy was it an exciting launch day! I got to meet a lot of neat people, and from what I’ve heard a lot of you are enjoying the experience so far! Lets take a look at some pictures I managed to grab when I was free:

Here are some fun stats for you to consider:

  • Pixel Park saw a total 156 USERS connected at once within the first two hours of launch. This number is incredible!
  • Over 30 accounts were registered within the first five minutes of being open to the public! This number is also incredible!
  • Over 10,000 messages have been sent consistently per every 15 minutes across both available servers.

These stats are amazing! I apologize for the hiccups during the first hour, as the server was extremely overwhelmed with all of the requests being sent in for logging in, and account creation.

Lets keep in mind the following items:

  • This is a public beta, meaning there will be glitches and errors. Please remember to document each scenario, and report it to [email protected]. Hunting me down on a server and saying ‘M WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING‘ is not how reports should be handled. This has already happened a lot and it is day one.
  • Donations have fizzled off since yesterday. If all 156 people would give just $20, we would be just under our goal of $3,500. Please realize that the future development of this game is dependent on reaching this goal. It is also put towards sustaining the game, making sure we have good servers that don’t get overloaded like tonight. Without these donations, we can’t make this happen. Look at the potential.
  • Lastly, I have caught a lot of users violating our Terms and Conditions, and Pixel Park Rules. I have disabled account creation until there is a solid fix for users that are abusing this. All accounts that violate these items have been banned. If you follow our progress and would like to join, currently the only way you can gain access to the game is by donating $10.00 USD or more (until some issues have been ironed out while registering.) You can thank the users that abused that privilege if you didn’t get to create an account yet.

A lot of you have started sending bugs, ideas and suggestions and I thank you for those! It is important that we start getting those worked out.

Catch ya later,


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