Where Do Your Donations Go?

Hello all,

A lot of players are asking where their donations are going. To break this down for everyone, I have created an audit of ALL outgoing expenses related to Pixel Park.

First of all, lets look at M’s contribution to this game. M has contributed $1,076.94. This contribution has been used entirely for the development, and production of Pixel Park. Within the document are actual screenshots from Paypal, and screenshots directly from M’s bank account that contain the invoice total for each item. M’s contribution has paid for: all of the development up to right now.

So before you start to say ‘M what about my donation, where is that going?!‘ Well, within the document is a breakdown of future projects and the project’s total expense. All donations go towards the future development of Pixel Park!

So lets have a look at this inventory system that is currently being worked on:

This is the current project, and most of the donations so far will be put towards adding this functionality to the game. Along with this feature, more clothing options will be added for users to take full advantage of this feature.

Now keep this in mind: There are currently $920.00 in donations at the time of writing this article. That number is awesome, but look at the cost of the inventory: $800. What’s going to cover the RECURRING MONTHLY EXPENSES? It is extremely hard to balance features and projects like this. You have to look at the full picture, and not just a corner of the picture (one or two features).

There are currently a lot of items on the to do list, like fixing a few glitches in the game, and validating the SSL certificate on the website. Those problems are going to be there, this is a beta launch. We are doing the best we can to balance projects and features at the best of our ability.

Do you like cool features like being able to change your avatar’s clothes? I certainly do!

That’s all for now,