Upcoming Updates

Hi all,

Exciting updates are currently in the works. We are addressing a lot of the stability issues and new additions everyone has been asking for!

  • Currently the server still allows accounts to be logged in more than once. This issue is being addressed.
  • All usernames will shift to lowercase only.
  • There appears to be text box glitches if a user is in another room. Text boxes will flash really quickly and then disappear. This issue is being addressed.
  • -Users can get stuck on some walls in some locations and be moved along those walls automatically. This issue is being addressed.
  • -There are still some issues with player clothing layers for some users. This issue is being addressed.

Now for some new additions to the game:

  • Pressing ENTER on your keyboard to send a message! (Incredible feature!)
  • Pressing ARROW KEYS to move your avatar in the world! (Another incredible feature!)
  • Player-card functionality is almost here! You will be able to mouse over a user and click the user to view their player-card!
  • The long awaited inventory system is in the works! Players will be able to manage their clothes, and change their outfits.
  • What good is an inventory if you can’t shop for clothes?

Awesome stuff is coming your way! The best part? All players get to access our premium content while we still test features! No pay walls, no hidden fees, all access!

So what are you waiting for? Send in your application to participate in beta! Spots are limited!

That’s all for now!


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