Website Updates

Hello all,

We hope you have been enjoying the new updates Pixel Park has recently received! The recent additions of player inventories and the Luxe Clothing Co catalog have been huge pieces in continuing to reach towards our goal of adding new features every month.

This weekend, our website will continue to receive updates!

We’re also launching our brand new Web Store!

We will open up donations again for players to donate and allow for us to continue to add more awesome features.

That’s all for now!



Upcoming Updates

Hi all,

Exciting updates are currently in the works. We are addressing a lot of the stability issues and new additions everyone has been asking for!

  • Currently the server still allows accounts to be logged in more than once. This issue is being addressed.
  • All usernames will shift to lowercase only.
  • There appears to be text box glitches if a user is in another room. Text boxes will flash really quickly and then disappear. This issue is being addressed.
  • -Users can get stuck on some walls in some locations and be moved along those walls automatically. This issue is being addressed.
  • -There are still some issues with player clothing layers for some users. This issue is being addressed.

Now for some new additions to the game:

  • Pressing ENTER on your keyboard to send a message! (Incredible feature!)
  • Pressing ARROW KEYS to move your avatar in the world! (Another incredible feature!)
  • Player-card functionality is almost here! You will be able to mouse over a user and click the user to view their player-card!
  • The long awaited inventory system is in the works! Players will be able to manage their clothes, and change their outfits.
  • What good is an inventory if you can’t shop for clothes?

Awesome stuff is coming your way! The best part? All players get to access our premium content while we still test features! No pay walls, no hidden fees, all access!

So what are you waiting for? Send in your application to participate in beta! Spots are limited!

That’s all for now!



Where Do Your Donations Go?

Hello all,

A lot of players are asking where their donations are going. To break this down for everyone, I have created an audit of ALL outgoing expenses related to Pixel Park.

First of all, lets look at M’s contribution to this game. M has contributed $1,076.94. This contribution has been used entirely for the development, and production of Pixel Park. Within the document are actual screenshots from Paypal, and screenshots directly from M’s bank account that contain the invoice total for each item. M’s contribution has paid for: all of the development up to right now.

So before you start to say ‘M what about my donation, where is that going?!‘ Well, within the document is a breakdown of future projects and the project’s total expense. All donations go towards the future development of Pixel Park!

So lets have a look at this inventory system that is currently being worked on:

This is the current project, and most of the donations so far will be put towards adding this functionality to the game. Along with this feature, more clothing options will be added for users to take full advantage of this feature.

Now keep this in mind: There are currently $920.00 in donations at the time of writing this article. That number is awesome, but look at the cost of the inventory: $800. What’s going to cover the RECURRING MONTHLY EXPENSES? It is extremely hard to balance features and projects like this. You have to look at the full picture, and not just a corner of the picture (one or two features).

There are currently a lot of items on the to do list, like fixing a few glitches in the game, and validating the SSL certificate on the website. Those problems are going to be there, this is a beta launch. We are doing the best we can to balance projects and features at the best of our ability.

Do you like cool features like being able to change your avatar’s clothes? I certainly do!

That’s all for now,



Future Development Information

Hello all,

A lot of players are wondering why new account activation’s are constantly disabled. Well here is why:

  • Some players are creating what is called a ‘burner account’. This burner account is an account that players use KNOWING that they will be banned for intentionally breaking Pixel Park polices. (Just so you know, ALL policies are outlined on the website, and for each account that is activated, you have to check mark a box stating that you have reviewed those documents.)
  • What is the fix for this? ‘M just IP ban the offenders, that will stop it.’ Well… that does not always work. Some players are using ways to avoid using their actual IP address. This shields players from being banned permanently from the world.
  • This creates a world that is NOT safe for everyone to use. We do everything that we can to ensure that the world remains a safe place to be a part of.

So what is the solution to this?

  • There will be TWO methods of gaining access to the Free Chat mode.
  • Method Number One: Players will have the ability to pay $10.00 USD and be given access to the Free Chat mode.
  • Method Number Two: Players will have the ability to pay a certain number of coins (TBA) to be given access to the Free Chat mode. Coins can be earned by playing mini-games in the world.
  • Here are the disclaimers to this: Accounts created already will be granted access to the Free Chat. Once registration is opened again to the public, all accounts will default to Safe Chat. Players can redeem one account per each $10 USD that they donate.

Why is this solution going to fix the problem?

  • Players aren’t going to make a burner account, pay $10.00, and go intentionally break Pixel Park policies for the fun of it like they are now.
  • Players will have to spend some time earning coins to unlock this feature. It gives users the opportunity to take advantage of a feature that is a privilege to have without having to pay anything.

Now lets talk about donations.

Games. Cost. Money. To. Operate. In fact, A LOT of money. Here is a break down of expenses:

Domain: $15 a YEAR

Servers: $300 a MONTH – More users? Higher cost.

Email Platform: $80 a MONTH

Our Team’s Salaries/Time: Outsourced labor varies based on the project.


Let me highlight the last item listed there. NOBODY HAS MADE A SINGLE CENT FROM ANY DONATION COLLECT BY PIXEL PARK. Every. Single. Donation goes BACK into the development of Pixel Park. This is crucial starting out in order to continue to grow the game. We are not even looking to make a profit, we would be happy breaking even.

All I can say is, the longer it takes to reach donation goals, the longer it will take to reach development milestones. (So yes, the deadline can be extended…?) A lot of labor is outsourced to other developers to help create the world, and this is not cheap. If you expect a safe, fun, and feature packed game, it will take some money to get there.

We decided to open the game right now as-is to allow for users to get a feel for what it will be like. People LOVE it, while others have been demanding for more features and not donating anything themselves. It is going to take donations to achieve this goal of having a game that is more than just a chat room. The team works EXTREMELY hard on creating this new idea of a virtual world.

So, nobody is forcing you to play Pixel Park. If you don’t want to donate, that’s fine. Complaining about the lack of features and not donating, is an insult to everyone who has worked on this game, including M who has dealt with a number of issues already just four days in.

Please respect the work all of our developers have put into this game. You could still have nothing at all.

That’s all for now,



Launch Day Information

Hello all,

Boy was it an exciting launch day! I got to meet a lot of neat people, and from what I’ve heard a lot of you are enjoying the experience so far! Lets take a look at some pictures I managed to grab when I was free:

Here are some fun stats for you to consider:

  • Pixel Park saw a total 156 USERS connected at once within the first two hours of launch. This number is incredible!
  • Over 30 accounts were registered within the first five minutes of being open to the public! This number is also incredible!
  • Over 10,000 messages have been sent consistently per every 15 minutes across both available servers.

These stats are amazing! I apologize for the hiccups during the first hour, as the server was extremely overwhelmed with all of the requests being sent in for logging in, and account creation.

Lets keep in mind the following items:

  • This is a public beta, meaning there will be glitches and errors. Please remember to document each scenario, and report it to [email protected]. Hunting me down on a server and saying ‘M WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING‘ is not how reports should be handled. This has already happened a lot and it is day one.
  • Donations have fizzled off since yesterday. If all 156 people would give just $20, we would be just under our goal of $3,500. Please realize that the future development of this game is dependent on reaching this goal. It is also put towards sustaining the game, making sure we have good servers that don’t get overloaded like tonight. Without these donations, we can’t make this happen. Look at the potential.
  • Lastly, I have caught a lot of users violating our Terms and Conditions, and Pixel Park Rules. I have disabled account creation until there is a solid fix for users that are abusing this. All accounts that violate these items have been banned. If you follow our progress and would like to join, currently the only way you can gain access to the game is by donating $10.00 USD or more (until some issues have been ironed out while registering.) You can thank the users that abused that privilege if you didn’t get to create an account yet.

A lot of you have started sending bugs, ideas and suggestions and I thank you for those! It is important that we start getting those worked out.

Catch ya later,



Surprise! Early Access is Available Now!

Hi everyone!

I am super excited to announce that you can now access Pixel Park early!

Alas… there is a catch. To kick off the fundraiser, if you donate $40.00+ USD, you can receive early access to Pixel Park! So for those of you that can’t wait, now is your chance!

In other news, the website has received a face-lift, and should be more stable now.

We are kicking off the fundraiser to keep Pixel Park up and running today! Please check it out on the website as there are some cool perks to donating! (PS I still dare you to be the top donor!)

The official launch is less than two days away, can you believe it?!

More info to come later!



On Your Marks…

Hi everyone,

The day is finally almost here! After several years of development, we are steps away from unveiling a new revolutionary multiplayer experience. From what started as an idea, to now being something that users can finally get their hands on, we have come a long way. I have A LOT of information to finally share:

Traditionally, games like to have what they call ‘closed beta‘ and make users pay to access a game that is still in the testing phase. To eliminate as many bugs as possible, and collect feedback from as many users as possible, we have decided to allow EVERY users to participate in our open beta experience!

Now to get to the part that you all have been waiting for… the launch date.

Pixel Park will open to the public on Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 PM EST! What does this mean? Registration and the world will become available at this time. Some services will not be activated until further notice, such as Membership/Stars purchases, Chat Modes, and Offline Mode.

It is important to note that because we have opted to select an open beta model, that donations are incredibly important to continue our development. If we can’t meet our donation goal, we can’t continue to develop our game. A donation portal will open after Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 PM EST to assist you in donating towards the development of our game. As a token of our gratitude, we will offer incentives for different donation amounts. Incentives include but are not limited to: different levels of Coins, different levels of Stars, different membership packages, and of course… rare items. (I dare you to be the top donor, just saying…) There will be more information on donating as we move closer to our launch date.

With this being just the beta stage of development, please be aware of instability and performance issues during this time. A lot of features will break, have issues, or cause unexpected behavior within the world. The servers will probably be responding slow around launch time, so it is advised that you remain patient. Refreshing your browser and logging back in will often fix these issues. In as much detail as possible, you are invited to provide this feedback to [email protected] so that we can address the issue.

Here is an UPDATED list of features that users can test on launch day:

  • Account validation through an active email address
  • Account 4 digit pin code security features
  • Multiple server selection options
  • Avatar movement
  • Different room options
  • Password and 4 digit pin code modification tools
  • Room chat features

Here is an UPDATED list of features that are coming SOON:

  • Player card features
  • Buddy list features
  • Ignoring, and reporting other user features
  • Inventory features
  • Shopping catalogs with items to choose from and add to your inventory
  • Private chat with buddies features

If you want to see more features, we have to hit our donation goal! It is extremely important!

That’s all I have for now! Check back later for more updates and I look forward to seeing you around!

Catch ya later,